rafting bigwave -多摩川ラフティング rafting okutama in tokyo japan

Okutama Rafting Tour

Tour travel schedule Okutama rafting course Tour is upstream of Tama River

Please gather at the base by time. If you are going to be late please contact us. Please read and complete the "Disclaimer Agreement," one for each member of your group It is a very important document, so please be sure to fill it out. There are customers who will be delayed even if it is the tour time, and there may be some waiting. Please understand. The guide will call on you when it is time to change and recieve equipment!

01 set/reception

Receive instructions from the guide on how to wear the equipment, receive the equipment, and change clothes in the changing room. When all customers are ready we can get in the van and head to the river!

02 change of clothes / equipment

Once you receive your helmet, lifejacket and harness, get on one of our vans and head to the river In the car, there is an explanation of the rafting precautions. Let's listen carefully!

03 departure from the base

Once you get off the bus, a guide will lead you to the rafting boat and provide safety instructions. Please listen carefully!

04 tour start

Tama River spreads in front of you. Okutama Rafting Starts! A professional guide will safely carry out your tour! Three rock points !

05 finally rafting will begin!
Three rocks -Oiwa

The three-rock, Oiwa family, children, and adults also enjoy summer rafting at Okutama


Along the way the guide will take photos and video. Pose to the camera with your best smile!

07 Pose towards the camera !
Sawa's Well Misogi

A dive of 5-6 meters in height and play in the water!

08 Thrilled camel rock

Water play! River play with everyone!

09 Teamwork army field Ohashi

Riding on the Tama River

10 Surfing

Paddling with everyone who plays Okutama Tama Bridge Good! A sense of accomplishment of the goal is the best! When finished, return to base by car. Fun with everyone and the family, Okutama rafting!


After arriving at the base, let's have a look at the photos taken that day! Office staff will give you your qr code, so you can download your photos and videos for free!

12 Arrival base

Popular rafting destination close to central Tokyo.
"BIGWAVE" rafting company is running rafting tours in the upper reaches of the Tama River in the town of Okutama, Tokyo. Our professional guides are all first aid qualified and have river recuse training and take pride in giving you the most fun day possible in a safe and enjoyable manner. Our base is well equipped facility equipped with clean bathrooms, changing rooms, and resting areas.

We know you will enjoy rafting on the Tama with amazing views and clean water! Especially in summer, a perfect chance to escape the heat! Invite your family and friends and join us! We look forward to seeing you.
  • The tour leaders will insure that everyone in the tour will make it down the river safely.
  • A full first aid kit on all tours.
  • All our guides have obtained training and licenses for CPR and river rescue. All the guides go on regular training and know the river very well.
  • Our guides running the Tone river are all apart of the Minakami Rafting Association (MRA)
  • Lead guides are qualified for rescue 3 training
  • Lead guides hold the NZRA River Rescue Workshop Certificate
  • Lecture in firefighting lifesaving classes are attended seasonally by all guides.
  • Rescue 3, technical rope rescue qualification, Swift water rescue 1 (rescue law), SRT-1 qualification, International Rafting Federation (IRF) official approval TL grade 4, 5 license holder.
  • Okutama Rafting Half Day Course Late April-Late October
  • Late April to June
    【Weekdays】 Adult : 5,000 yen・ Children : 4,200 yen
    【Weekends, Holidays】 Adult : 5,500 yen・ Children : 4,700 yen
  • 1st of July to 14th of July
    【Weekdays】 Adult : 5,000 yen・ Children : 4,200 yen
    【Weekends, Holidays】 Adult : 5,500 yen・ Children : 4,700 yen
  • 15th of July to 31st of August
    【Weekdays】 Adults : 6,500 yen・Children : 4,500 yen
    【Weekends, Holidays, and Obon】 Adult : 7,000 yen・ Children : 5,000 yen
  • 1st of September to Late October
    【Weekdays】 Adult : 5,000 yen・ Children : 4,200 yen
    【Weekends and holidays】 Adult : 5,500 yen・ Children : 4,700 yen
We will contact you the day before if cancellation of a tour were to occur (due to adverse weather, or unsafe river conditions)
  • The tour will run rain or shine.
    Cancellation fee will be charged. In case of tour cancellation, the fee will be refunded.
    Please contact us if you have any concerns. 0428-74-9100 Example: If you see a typhoon in the forecast
  • About 3 hours 【Clothing change ・ Instruction ・ rafting tour】 The rafting time is 60 minutes to 90 minutes.
    It changes according to the state of the river.
  • Tamagawa Okutama Upstream part is about 6km Rafting. Enjoy rafting with one of our Pro Guides! !
    Our guides are top-class and trained to the highest level in Japan, Grade 4 to 5 torrent, Mizumachi Tonegawa.
    IRF world-certified guides perform rafting tour in Okutama and Tama River.

  • The tour is twice a day at 9:00 / 11:30 / 14:00.
    If you're going to take the train.The pick up time would be 30 minutes before the your tour starts in Big Wave Ome Branch.
    Our staff will pick you up at Oume Station in Tokyo,

    30 minutes before the tour.
  • Age must be over elementary school. And be healthy both physically and mentally
  • Our tour fee includes guide fee, equipment rental fee, river shoes, photos / videos, insurance fee, consumption tax,
  • Swimming suit
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Shoes that are okay to get wet(exercise shoes, sports sandals where heels can be fixed, etc.)
  • Crocs can not be taken off by water pressure.
  • Applicants can use free rental shoes.
  • (Size available for rental: 18 cm-31 cm) However, in rare cases during the busy season,although disinfection is performed, they may be rented in a semi-dry state.
  • If you wear glasses, bring a glasses band or one will be offered to you.
  • If you wear contacts, goggles are recommended.
    We do not rent swim goggles because of hygiene considerations.
  • Health insurance card (copied is okay)
  • In colder weather we will offer you to wear provided wetsuites and in warm to hot weather we will offer a thin jacket to protect you from the sun.
  • The capacity of one boat is 7 people. If your group is less than 7 people you may be put on the raft with other customers. If your group exceeds 7 people you will have to split up.