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Okutama Hydrospeed Course

Tour schedule

Please gather at the base by time. If you are going to be late please contact us. Please read and complete the "Disclaimer Agreement," one for each member of your group It is a very important document, so please be sure to fill it out.

01 Receptionh

As a reminder for customers taking part in hydrospeed tours, please go to the washroom before changing clothes and receiving equipments. After changing clothes, The Hydrospeed Guide will give instructions, Please wait while the guides are preparing your body board. Get the equipment you need for Hydrospeed by following the instructions in the guide. All equipment is included in the tour fee at the Big Wave Oume branch. Get on the bus and leave. Hydrospeed Guide will carry out the tour safely.

02 Changing clothes / equipment

Hydrospeed is a single-seated boat that is finned by its own power and is different from rafting boats, canoeing, kayaking, etc. There's a handle on the tip of the boat that holds it with both hands, so clasp it. Not only to leave your body to the flow of the river, but I also use the propulsive force of the fins. The experience of feeling and operating the torrent all over the body is a feeling of exhilaration and thrill. It is a great outdoor sport for anyone who wants to enjoy hydrospeed, or who just wants to enjoy the river. First of all, you will receive a safety explanation and a lecture on operation, so even beginners can participate safely.

03 Safety Explanation

Ride your body board alone. You can also enjoy technical torrent courses and large holes. The most difficult thing for beginners is to put the board upside down with waves. Practice repeatedly until you can do it without problems so that you won't turn left or right or stop on a stone. It is good to learn how to operate the board. It is a departure from the upstream of the Tamagawa River aiming for the torrential current.

04 Start!!

There is also a point where you can feel at ease. You can also spend a relaxing time entrusting yourself to the beautiful flow of the upper part of Tama River. Listen to the sound of the Okutama Tamagawa river's stream, the birds' voices, and the winds of the Tamagawa river's surface.

05 Relax time!

Can I get over the plain? Basically, guides will guide you to the points where there is a hard flow. Of course, we will support the guide firmly, so please try to fight the torrent of Tama River. The sense of accomplishment is the highest tide when cleared.

06 Torrent

Hydrospeed has a great sense of accomplishment and a sense of exhilaration. I would like to do it again once, it is a popular hydro speed tour offered by Big Wave. The last photo was taken with everyone. As Okutama Base screens photos and videos taken during the tour, please relax and see. You can also download for free from the QR code you received at the reception. Please be aware that in rare cases the camera may be damaged by flooding or the data may disappear.

07 GOAL!!!

Hydrospeed (river sledging) is a thrilling and adventurous river riding activity!
While surfing in the ocean requires training and years of practice Even the first time beginner non swimmer can get out and have a great day on the river.
★ The attraction of hydrospeed ★
We will escort you to ensure your safety. The Tama River is wide and has a high volume of water. Once you experience it, you will find it endless fun. We look forward to your tour participation!!
● A tour leader must accompany the tour whole way down the river giving instruction and directions as we go to ensure a fun and safe experience.
● Our tour guide takes photos during the tour! ! ! Please smile widely!! Sometimes the place where you hit in the wave is a nice shot! ! !
● The guide is qualified for the 3 rescue classes.
● You are fully ensured on this tour.

Tour Times

Hydro speed half day course
thrill factor: ★ ★ ★ ★
twice a day
(9:00 / 11:30 / 14:00)

    [Late April - Late October]
    Late April to 14th of July
    【Weekdays and Weekends and holidays】7,000 yen
    15th of July to August
    【Weekdays and Weekends and holidays】8,000 yen
    September to Late October
    【Weekdays】7,000 yen
    【Weekends and holidays】8,000 yen
    Upstream part of Tama River Mitake Valley
    The tour is twice a day at 9:00 / 11:30 / 14:00.
    If you are coming by car please be at the base 30 minutes before the tour time.
    If you are coming by train we will pick you up at Oume Station 30 minutes before your tour.
    Age must be over 13 yrs. old (High school student). And be healthy both physically and mentally.
    Our tour fee includes guide fee, equipment rental fee, wet shoes (usually 300 yen), photos / videos, insurance fee,
    consumption tax,
    Swimsuit, towel, change of clothes
    The capacity is 2-8 people. If it is more than 8 people, please contact us.
    There may be rare cases of rash with wet suits etc. Please bring your wet suit, if you are worried.
    Please understand that insurance does not apply to rashes.
Transfer plan when it rains
    If the tour is cancelled due to flooding, the balance with your hydrospeed fee will be refunded.