Company Profile

Company Name
Big Wave Inc.
Founding Year
April 2001
Date of Establishment
September 2004
¥ 3,000,000
Sales office
Oume sales office
〒198-0062 597-1 2 chome Wadamachi, Ome-shi, Tokyo, Japan
TEL: 0428-74-9100
FAX: 0428-74-9101

Okutama sales office
〒198-0064 538-1 3 chome Yugimachi, Ome-shi, Tokyo, Japan
TEL: 0428-85-8735
FAX: 0428-85-8736

Niseko Sales Officein Hokkaido
〒044-0071 575 Kutchan Kanbetsu Abuta Gun Hokkaido
TEL: 0136-55-5719
Two Company Executives
Member organization
NPO corporation Outdoor Association of Japan (director)
member of the association Okutama Tourism Association member of Ome City Tourism Association member
Representative director is Minakami-cho rafting association certified license A guide
April 2001 After establishing a joint venture with outdoor facilities for two years with a friend,
he independently established Big Wave Rafting (Mizukami Town, Tone County, Gunma Prefecture).
Corporate Registration
September 7, 2004 Established Big Wave from Big Wave Rafting
Major Trading Partners
KNT Japan Tour Top Tour etc
Outdoors, Roughing, Canyoning, Hydro speed, Cat ski, Snowmobile, Snow rafting,
Planning of various events, Restaurant management Website production, Planning, Management