A whole day canyoning in Tama valley Tokyo, Japan


Tour schedule

You will be required to complete the disclaimer by one person at a time to meet at the base. It is a very important document, so please read it carefully and fill it out. The representative should bring the disclaimer consent form to the reception desk. We will make payment etc. Also, please be sure to contact us if you are late due to traffic conditions.

01 Meeting/Reception

After changing to a wet suit in the changing room, you will receive a helmet, a life jacket, a harness, butt pads, shoes and gloves, and a guide will explain how to wear the equipment. Get on the bus and leave for the start point.

02 Departure

After arrival, final confirmation of the equipment. Start the tour!

03 Arrive at point

Trek to Otaki. The guide guides the mountain path to the waterfall at the starting point while explaining the mountain. Let's do our best!!

04 Trekking

Okutama Mononoke Canyoning 12m waterfall tour start! ! Let's all enjoy the Ontake Gorge Canyoning Tour!!

05 Immovable waterfall

Take a 20m walk on the ground with a rope in the superb view surrounded by green! ! Thrilling! ! It is definitely powerful!!

06 Otaki

Downhill with a rope system for 15 meters. You can have an amazing experience for everyone!!

07 Waterfall of twist

Waterfall and natural waterslide that spread in front of you

08 There is also a slider

I get on the bus again with good memories and return to the base. When you arrive at the base, let's have a look at the photos and videos taken by the guide. (Photos and videos are also sold). If you would like to transfer, please contact the staff as we will transfer to the station.

09 Goal

Okutama Canyoning Course 1 day leisurely plan (with snacks)
Immobile waterfall, Otaki, waterfall of waterfall, you can enjoy three activities.

Supported by the CIC World Canyoning Certified Guide.

  • The tour leader must accompany the tour to ensure safety.
  • The guide holds KT as an emergency contact network.
  • A support guide will always accompany our canyoning tour.
  • Tour leader acquired Wilderness First Aid (resuscitation) / Swift to Water Rescue 1 (Rescue) / CIC World Canyoning Association Official Guide / Canyoning Level 1 and 2.
  • Guide is qualified for rescue 3 training / rescue 3 technical rope rescue qualification.
  • The companion guide holds SRT1 (rescue law) / CPR (resuscitation law) qualifications. Regularly attend a firefighting lifesaving course.
  • Each guide is trained regularly. In addition, when there is a change in the flow of the stream etc. by the network between the guides, etc., we promptly communicate and respond. Each guide carries out important rescue training for resuscitation and canyoning, and also conducts regular training.
  • Our canyoning equipment is fully equipped to protect from head to toe. I do not mind even in cold swamp water. Helmet / canyoning only wet suit / our original life jacket / gloves / wet boots / harness, all our company's canyoning original.
  • We also have two insurance policies, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance and AIU Insurance.

Tour details
Okutama canyoning day relaxing plan (with snacks)
Thrilling degree ★★★★

    Okutama Canyoning One Day Course (Late April-Late October)
  • 12,000 yen
    About 5 hours
    Okutama Mononoke Canyoning 1 Day Course
    The tour is once a day at 10:00.
    If you are in the car 30 minutes before the Big Wave Ome branch meeting.
    The train will pick you up at Oume Station 30 minutes ago.
    Access method is this
    Healthy mind and body over 18 years old
    Our tour fee includes guide fee, equipment rental fee, wet shoes (usually 300 yen), photos / videos, insurance fee,
    consumption tax, and everything.
  • Swimming suit
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes
  • If you wear glasses, bring a glasses band or one will be offered to you.
  • If you wear contacts, goggles are recommended.
    We do not rent swim goggles because of hygiene considerations.
    The capacity of one boat is 7 people. If your group is less than 7 people you may be put on the raft with other customers.
    If your group exceeds 7 people you will have to split up.
    There may be rare cases of rash with wet suits etc.
    Please bring your wet suit etc. if you are worried.
    Please understand that insurance does not apply to rashes.
Transfer plan at the time of flood
    Basically, even if it is rainy, the tour will go on.
    If the tour is canceled due to flooding of the river, etc., the difference will be refunded and transfer to the rafting course will be made.
    In the case of cancellation of all tours, full refund will be made.
    We will contact you by the day before for the cancellation of the entire tour.